The Boredoms’ EYE has an exhibition of his art at Treesaresospecial in Daikanyama.

The first time I heard about this artist he was calling himself “Yamantaka EYE” (about his role as a leading figure in a number of legendary Japanese noise bands you can read — in Japanese — in the November edition of Studio Voice magazine). One of the units he has been with since quite a while is Boredoms, and while their first new album in five years, “Seadrum/House of Sun” is selling like hot cakes, EYE shows a collection of his visual works ranging from older to brand new in a solo exhibition. EYE presents an array of artworks that share a psychedelic and peaceful yet not necessarily “happy” feel, and are, like his musical oeuvre, impossible to sum up in one sentence. Two-dimensional yet seemingly displaying some kind of 3-dimensional encounter, the works of EYE make up the first exhibition held at Trees are so special at the gallery’s new location in Daikanyama. (REALTOKYO)

It ends January 16.