Koolhaus of Jazz

Oh, this sounds like a nice thing to do on Christmas day!

December is the month when you hear Christmas songs just about everywhere you go. What you usually don’t hear are excellent jazz interpretations, and some of these are really good. The one I recommend most is Naruyoshi Kikuchi Quintet Live Dub’s “The Christmas Song”. To write about it before seeing the live performance seems a bit unsophisticated, but the anticipated duet of Kahimi Karie and Kikuchi Naruyoshi just sounds irresistible. The rest of the lineup including DJ Krush, Vincent Atmicus and especially Sigh Boat featuring Uchida Yayako, Suzuki Masato and Watanabe Takuma is equally attractive, and as a little gift RT even gives away free tickets! Merry Christmas! (REALTOKYO)

It takes place at the Liquid Room in Ebisu on December 25, with a start time of 18:00. The only way I can go is if I win some free tickets, so I have my fingers crossed…