Japanese Graphics Now!

While at Ikebukuro’s Parco yesterday — I wanted to check out the renewed spaces for the Graniph and Smith (Delfonics) stores — I was very happy to find that the Taschen JAPANESE GRAPHICS NOW! book has joined their 25th anniversary program, and so picked it up for 2000 yen! It’s a great book, and I […]

The Bad with the Good

The universe decides to balance the scales again — the same week I got my new MacBook Pro, the screen on my old iMac (that I was still using the create my wireless network among other things) went dark. Since the 3-year warranty has expired, and with this Apple support discussion thread suggesting that the […]

Your Reviews on TAB

Tokyo Art Beat keeps getting better and better! Just in time for GW, they’ve now launched a new much appreciated feature that lets MyTAB users add reviews to event listings (basically, a new commenting system), as well as “Blog it!” section that lets you easily copy/paste the review (including all event info) on your blog. […]


I’ve been quiet regarding yesterday’s announcement that the Nintendo Revolution will now be called Wii — at first I thought it was a ridiculous name, but a day later, I have to admit that it’s growing on me — since I don’t figure there’s anything I can add to what has already been said, but […]

First Nations Live Event

Patrick came over to the Northern First Nations live event/party at Cafe Pause last night — it was good catching up with him, and he pretty much convinced me that I absolutely need to get to Nakano sometime soon to try out a Sasebo burger — and took this picture of Keith Wolfe-Smarch doing some […]