The Bad with the Good

The universe decides to balance the scales again — the same week I got my new MacBook Pro, the screen on my old iMac (that I was still using the create my wireless network among other things) went dark. Since the 3-year warranty has expired, and with this Apple support discussion thread suggesting that the problem would be pricey to fix (and with no money to do that right now), I’m pretty much left with no choice but to store it for now. I am rather lucky that it happened after getting the new laptop though, so I shouldn’t complain too much I guess.

Your Reviews on TAB


Tokyo Art Beat keeps getting better and better! Just in time for GW, they’ve now launched a new much appreciated feature that lets MyTAB users add reviews to event listings (basically, a new commenting system), as well as “Blog it!” section that lets you easily copy/paste the review (including all event info) on your blog. Long live TAB!

UpdatePlease note that I’ve added a TAB badge of my recommended events in the sidebar.



I’ve been quiet regarding yesterday’s announcement that the Nintendo Revolution will now be called Wii — at first I thought it was a ridiculous name, but a day later, I have to admit that it’s growing on me — since I don’t figure there’s anything I can add to what has already been said, but I did quite like this image of 2channel‘s Mona (found on Kotaku) celebrating the new name!

New French-Japanese Institute in Tokyo Website

institut_100It’s nice to see so many of my friends here in Tokyo being so busy and productive with work lately. Paul — you might know him as Mr. TAB — just finished work on the redesign (with AQworks) of the French-Japanese Institute in Tokyo’s website, and it’s quite nice. This is what they have to say about the new site:

The Institut is more than the most popular French language school in Tokyo. With its regular festivals, expositions and performances, a multimedia library, restaurant, and cinema, it’s no less than the epicenter of activity for Tokyoites in love with French culture and language. All of this is now apparent on its web site, following the recent redesign by AQ.

The biggest improvements:
– Permanent individual event pages to establish a record that can be shared, printed, revisited and indexed by search engines.
– Vivid, human photography highlighting the institut’s charismatic teachers, and stylish yet approachable decor.
– A flexible, cross-linked information architecture that encourages discovery of other facilities and programs.
– A standards-compliant platform, ensuring accessibility for everyone, including visitors with disabilities, and optimal visibility on search engines.