KOG Reprints

The King of Games is getting set to release reprints of a few of their tees (on sale July 1, to ship July 14), and so now’s your chance to pick up what you may have previously missed out on. Remember, these tend to sell out fast, so if you really want that Zelda 20th […]

TB.Pensar 7

What is TB.Pensar? Find out here. Well, here I am, writing this from Apple Store Ginza. This week’s updates from Apple have not been kind to my MacBook Pro, first the 10.4.10 update screwing with my wireless connection (Airport card) and battery, and then yesterday’s Superdrive firmware update killing it. I brought in my MBP […]

This Week in Magazines

PEN (201) devotes its latest issue to the works of photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, with the usual PEN treatment that includes a retrospective of his life, photo galleries, testimonials from admirers, etc. You can catch some of his famous photos right now at the second-floor gallery of the Leica store in Ginza. IDEA (323) takes on […]

Happening in Tokyo

The new show at the NANZUKA UNDERGROUND gallery in Shibuya, “Letter Forest” (June 30-July 29), will celebrate the works of Brazilian artist Yoma Augusto, his first solo show in Japan. Things kick off with an opening reception tomorrow night (June 29, 20:00-22:00). Today marks the start of the “International Tokyo Toy Show 2007” at Tokyo […]