Radio OK Fred at Celine Omotesando

Just a reminder that tonight (October 31, 18:00-20:00) is the first of two live sessions of Radio OK Fred at the Celine Omotesando store, part of Item Idem‘s installation for DesignTide. For this Halloween edition, we (me, Yoshi, Ay2, and Egaitsu Hiroshi) will have as guests Combo Piano, Yayako Uchida, and Umitaro Abe. Should be […]

Jean Snow and TDW

Despite my cold and the surge of work, I’m still ready and rarin’ to go for this week’s Tokyo Design Week festivities, and I wanted to post something to update you on my activities during the week. First, as you all know, we have the “Creative GBG” event happening at Cafe Pause in Ikebukuro, again […]

Ghost Hound

For those who are wondering whey I didn’t post an anime season preview post this month, well, it’s because there’s pretty much nothing new in this latest TV season that I’ve been wanting to watch. Outside of the much-hyped new Gundam series — I’ve never been interested in Gundam, and so I don’t really see […]

Rockin’ the Leopard!

As of yesterday, my MacBook Pro is sporting the nice new look of Leopard. Big thanks to my wife who stood in line at Tokyo University to pick up a copy — even though the Apple Store barely offers a school discount, at the university they were selling it for around 8000 yen, pretty much […]