This Week in Magazines

The latest issue of PLANTED (6) focuses on love and romance, with a articles on scents and arrangements. The seed insert is a pansy. DESIGN NOTE (16) covers “Fashion & Graphic Design,” with a look at art directors working with fashion brands, stores, catalogs, and magazines. The issue starts off with a look at Kenya […]

Kateigaho International Vol. 18

A few reasons why you might want to pick up the latest issue of KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL (Vol. 18): media artist Alexander Gelman talking with a sword maker, a piece on anime that includes profiles of Studio 4C, Satoshi Kon, and Mamoru Hosoda (director of THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME), and a guide to Tokyo’s […]

Himitsu to TV in 2008

I’d never heard of Reiko Shimizu’s philosophical sci-fi manga series HIMITSU – TOP SECRET (or any of her other works, like MOON CHILD and KAGUYA HIME), but the news that it’s being turned into an anime series for the spring 2007 season sounds good to me, especially after having read this description: The story takes […]

This Week in Magazines

CASA BRUTUS (94) takes us on a tour of “Hot Places to Visit 07/08,” with destination ideas both in and out of Japan. I always enjoy these, but wish they would put out some guides, like the WALLPAPER ones, that would compile all of these tips, because I’m not about to start taking notes on […]

PingMag MAKE

What a nice Christmas present: PingMag has just launched a sister site, PingMag MAKE. I’ll let Yes! Communications‘ Tom Vincent give you the lowdown: PingMag MAKE is the sister site to PingMag. We use an interview format to put the spotlight on a wide range of people active in rural areas. We document the voices […]