iPhone for Foreigners

Japan Probe has posted some disturbing news regarding the newly launched iPhone 3G in Japan. According to the terms on the Softbank website: “If you have less than 15 months left on your visa, you wont be able to make a contract, but they’ll sell the phone to you without a plan for ¥80.000.” What??? […]

Digiki Loves Summer

So much so that no only does he release a fresh new episode of Polypunk (32), titled “Polypunk Été,” but he’s got a new album too, the long awaited Dense Music. Head to this post for tons of info and samples, as well as links to online stores that sell it.

Happening in Tokyo

You’ll want to hit Ikebukuro for the 6th annual “Kappa Ten” (Kappa Exhibition) at the Artist Garden gallery (July 10-22). As Matt Alt describes it, “it’s a celebration of everyone’s favorite cucumber-eatin’, sumo-wrestlin’, anus-attackin’, water-dwellin’ yokai from Japanese folklore,” and will include artwork from more than twenty artists. Matt’s Yokai Attack! book will also be […]

Graniph Design Award.2

The winners for this year’s Graniph Design Awards have been announced, with all designs now being sold at Graniph stores as well. The gold prize went to the design you see above, by Taiwan’s Cho Jo Tzu. You may have noticed that I don’t post much about Graniph these days, and I think the award […]