Dense Music Instore Live

How should you be celebrating the release of Dense Music, Digiki’s new album on the Tokyo Fun Party label? By going to the instore live this Sunday (July 27, 16:00-19:00) at Styles Daikanyama of course. Entrance is free, and you also get SoccerBoy, who will surely be sporting the nicest eighties rock tee this side […]

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Although I usually get pretty excited when a new Hayao Miyazaki film comes along, I can’t say I’ve been particularly pumped for Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. I didn’t much enjoy the teases I’d seen for the film: the deformed and simply drawn main character pointed to a loose style of animation that […]

Just Looking

No, that’s not an idol video, or at least it’s not sold that way. The video is from a DVD series by record label Avex called Miteru Dake (Just Looking). As you can see, it features girls — pumped-up breasts and all — just, well, looking. The idea is that it’s for shy men, to […]

Totoro Forest Project

The “Totoro Forest Project” needs your help! From artist Enrico Casarosa: 200-plus international artists are trying to help save Sayama forest — also known as Totoro Forest — all as a “thank you for the inspiration” to Miyazaki-san. We’re planning an art auction event, an art book and an exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum […]