Gabo for iPhone

One of the strangest games to come out on the late great Dreamcast console was Seaman — a sequel was also released on the PS2. Designer Yoot Saito is bringing back the strange creature from the sequel, Gabo, to its own eponymous iPhone game/app. See this video for a peek. Gabo was supposed to come […]

PingMag: What It Means

As I announced two weeks ago, starting next Monday I kick off life as editor at PingMag, and that means that I’ll be actively on the lookout for freelance pieces for the site. If you would be interested in writing for PingMag, and have some appropriately Ping topics, do get in touch with me. The […]

Tokyo Chinatown Ikebukuro

Could Ikebukuro be getting its very own Chinatown? A plan by some Chinese store and restaurant owners to create a community named “Tokyo Chinatown Ikebukuro” to promote interaction with their local Japanese neighbors is getting a negative reaction. What’s the problem? There has been trouble between Japanese and Chinese businesspeople over problems such as garbage […]