Harajuku in Peril

Harajuku under fire! Read all about it in this piece by that Macias guy in today’s edition of The Japan Times. And look at this, it just so happens to share the same page as this month’s edition of my “On Design” column (well, that’s if you pick up a physical copy of the newspaper).


“Sound/Mindscapes” is an interesting new project that brings art and science together. The two-week show (November 26 to December 7) will be held at the Ongoing cafe gallery in Kichijoji, with the first week acting as a workshop for sound technology and art students, and then the second week featuring an exhibition based on the […]

51 Japanese Characters

Peter Machat was an exchange student at Nagoya Zokei University, and upon returning to Germany was inspired to create his “51 Japanese Characters” project. Visit the website and have a look at the 51 characters, from otaku to bosozoku and beyond. It’s a fun idea — the website also has a wacky mix and match […]