Games I Play

A round-up of recent games I’ve been playing and enjoying (you’ll find all of them here). Driver: San Francisco (PS3/360) — This is possibly my favorite game that came out in 2011 (or a close tie withForza 4). An absolute blast to play, with so many fun side missions, all focusing on driving and stunts. […]


Here are two more “1 Minute” videos that I recorded while in our recent ice climbing trip in the Southern Alps (Yamanashi prefecture) — here’s the first one. These two videos are up on YouTube as well (here and here). In case you’re wondering why I’m doing so many of these, my plan is do […]

Bistro D’arbre

I will admit that I don’t go out for drinks that much anymore, and when I do, I find myself not really knowing where to go anymore (if I’m tasked with finding a place). With my good friend Luis Mendo in town this week — he’s working with me on some PechaKucha-related stuff — we […]

Ice Climbing

I’ve got a new “1 Minute” video up, this time recorded during our trip this past Saturday to the Southern Alps in Yamanashi, so that my wife could do a bit of ice climbing. I recorded quite a few “1 Minute” videos while I was there, and I’ll be sharing them over the next few […]

The Passing of Combine

It was announced this week that the Combine cafe in Nakameguro will be closing for good later this month (on February 25). Although I didn’t really go that often, I did enjoy the times that I did, and it does feel like a revered (or much appreciated) part of Tokyo is dying off — I […]

Games I Play

A round-up of game recommendations — in other words, games I’m playing these days. Little Racers STREET (XBLIG) — A really fun little racer that sort of plays like Reckless Racers on iOS, and it’s only a buck. Surprisingly addictive. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (XBLA) — Yes, I’m so very late on this game, but […]

PauseTalk Vol. 57

Well, it was indeed a terrific start to 2012, withPauseTalk Vol. 57 attracting a really nice group of around 20 or so for some good old fashioned talk. I’m thankful for the great turnout, and again, let me remind you that I made a short 1-minute video recording after the official session was over. Below, […]