I recently picked this up during the PSN supersale (I think it was around $3) and I’m glad I did. I think it got mixed reviews when it originally came out, but so far I’m really digging the atmosphere, and the look of the game. It’s a neat idea too, that you’re only visible when […]

Electronic Fun with Magazines

I sure miss video game magazines from the 80s. I was reminded of this when I watched the short that was released today by Area 5, in order to tease and help promote the Kickstarter campaign for Outerlands, a 6-episode documentary series covering video game culture. It’s something you should be backing. In the short, […]


I grabbed this on the crazy PSN sale this week (until tomorrow), and wow, this really is something special. I’m just astounded by the fantastic art direction, and how everything comes together in presenting something so original and unlike anything else out there. Yeah, it’s a platformer, but it ends up feeling like so much […]