Deep Under the Sky

This is a near perfect game on iOS. Just look at those visuals, which look even better when everything is moving, and add on gameplay that evolves as you go from chapter to chapter, but remains a one-button game the whole time. Touching that button initiates various abilities which are all lined up in the same order no matter how many times you restart the level – and that’s what you use to move around and destroy a bunch of targets. It’s incredibly fast, which means you restart immediately after you blow something up, or blow yourself up. So fun.

Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork

I can’t remember why I didn’t pick this up earlier – since I quite like James Kochalka’s work (including his music) – but it’s on sale for a buck right now and so I grabbed it, and I suddenly got addicted to it. It takes Space Invaders, mixed in with Gorf, with more movement on the ground, and the occasional jump (which is the only part I don’t really like). So shoot, shoot, shoot, unlock new weapons, all sorts of variety in enemies and the movement attacks, which all amounts to addictive fun.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Having so many friends excited for this game – when it was released earlier this month in Japan – got me excited for it too, and I’m really glad I picked it up. It’s a 2D Mega Man-like action platformer, and yes, it’s fun to play, and it also has a cool cyberpunk setting – you’re facing off against a big corporation. I’m still quite early in the game – I’ve only defeated 2 bosses – but I like that I can change up my abilities and equipment, and the dialogue has been fun too. It’s also great that you also get a free download of an 8-bit-like nod to the upcoming Mighty No. 9, called Mighty Gunvolt.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

I really love the Ratchet & Clank series, and although I don’t go back to play PS3 games much – mostly because my PS3 is noisy as fuck due to the fan – but I did really want to play Into the Nexus, and since it was on sale for $8 this week, I jumped on it. I’ve put in a couple of hours so far, and yet again, it’s just a joy to play. I love the characters, the worlds, the action, and of course the weapons. I really want to play a new one on PS4, even if it will be in the form a remake of the first one.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

I finally get why so many people love Diablo III, but I really needed for this console version (I’m playing on PS4) to happen. It’s not just that I don’t have a computer that can handle games like this, but I also don’t really like playing games on computer with a keyboard and mouse anyway. I was tempted when it first came out on PS3, but then when it was announced that it would come out on PS4, I decided to wait for that edition, and I’m sure glad I did. This game is fantastic, and I also had a blast playing with 3 friends locally (with the only downer that I was playing with a Vita as a controller, which was not so great). Sure, it’s just a hack-and-slash, but there’s something so video game primal and fun about just going into new beautiful rendered environments to chop down enemies, and finding great new weapons and equipment for my character. This is quite possibly my favorite PS4 game so far.


I wasn’t really interested in trying this game out, especially when it was released on iPad and people were talking about the excessive purchasable in-game currency. But a friend said he was having fun with it, so I decided to give it a spin, and have ended up having fun with it. It’s not perfect – it can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to make tiny changes in the landscape, to make steps for your “people” to climb mountains – but I do like that you’re transforming the world, and the puzzle-like missions that you can do (by sailing to other islands) are pretty fun. Again, who knows how long I’ll last, but for now I’m still interested in developing my world, and going on more missions. I’ve been alternating time between this an Star Wars: Commander, switching from one to the other when I hit an “energy” wall.

Star Wars: Commander

I feel like I always have to make excuses when I try playing another one of these free-to-play games, but yes, the Star Wars name made me want to give this Clash of Clans clone a try, and what can I say, a week later I’m still playing. I still don’t like the fact that I can only play this in bite-sized chunks – which is why I didn’t last long in Clash of Clans – but I get a kick out of seeing all those tiny Star Wars vehicles and soldiers, and so I’m still at it. I doubt I’ll last long, but it still has me for now.

The Black Hole

It’s always scary revisiting media that you loved as a kid, because most often than not, it hasn’t aged well. I have very fond memories of watching The Black Hole, and I’m happy to say that I still liked it when I watched it last night. The story is still creepy, and I like the way it’s told, and the designs of the world – except for Vincent, with those cartoony eyes, which really clash with the rest of the aesthetics. The John Barry soundtrack really shines – and I then remembered that I used to have it on vinyl, along with a Black Hole coloring book. After I watched it, I was doing a bit of reading on the film, and found out that there has been work done on a remake, which could be interesting, but I would much rather get something new, with the same sensibilities.

Doctor Who

I haven’t watched the second episode yet of this new season, which friends are saying was much better, but I gotta say that I didn’t much care for the season opener. The new Doctor is great, and the bits I did enjoy were because of his characterization. But plot-wise, it was a bore, and really didn’t feel like it needed to be an extra-sized episode. 

Downton Abbey

When season 4 first aired, I watched the first couple of episodes, and was feeling Downton fatigue. I finally decided to give it another chance, and I did get sucked in – it didn’t take long to binge the entire season and the Christmas episode. I am getting to really hate any storyline that involves Bates, but the rest is still quite good, and I liked Paul Giamatti’s character at the end. I’m now fully primed for season 5.