Game On, but Not for Everyone

I recently attended the “Game On” exhibition here in Montreal, and was disappointed by it. I did have high expectations, as it promised the inclusion of 100 games that were all playable, and although presented here at the Montreal Science Centre, it was originally devised by the Barbican.  So what’s wrong? The biggest issue I could […]


I don’t usually revisit a game here, especially one that I’ve owned for about a year, but a strange thing happened with Destiny. I had given up on it fairly early on, despite getting really excited for it after I played the Alpha release in the summer of 2014. I loved many aspects of the […]


I love platforming, but I’m not particularly attracted to games that punish me – I only truly got into Dark Souls once I was able to play it with a couch co-pilot, who coached me through it. I always liked what I saw from the N series, but never ended up playing it that much […]