Devs Play

I’m so happy that a second season of Double Fine’s Devs Play series is currently happening, and the four episodes so far have all been great. I’d say the two episodes with Patrice Désilets (playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Assassin’s Creed II) are especially interesting, because you get to hear about a lot of the design thinking behind those games – the episodes with Ted Price (Spyro and Ratchet & Clank) are more about trivia relating to the games. I’m very much looking forward to the next episode, which will feature Media Molecule playing and discussing LittleBigPlanet. And if you missed it, you absolutely have to watch the 10-part episode from season 1 featuring John Romero playing/discussing Doom – it’s a fascinating masterclass in game design.

The League

I’ve had this series in my Netflix list for a while, and finally got around to watching the 6-episode first season this week. I’d heard it was a funny show, and the presence of Mark Duplass was also a draw. This is indeed a super funny show – doesn’t matter if you care about fantasy sports leagues or not, as that’s just the excuse to get these characters together – and I was also very happy to see that Nick Kroll is part of it. Very much looking forward to watching the rest of the seasons.

Disney Infinity 3.0

Up until now I’ve had no interest in this – the last thing I want is to be collecting any more figures, and I’ve never had a huge desire to play games based on Disney properties, and I’ve had my fill of Marvel with the LEGO games. But I’ve been bitten hard by the Star Wars bug, and so I was interested in seeing what the game was like, which I did by downloading the Apple TV version, which is a free download, and gives you a few teaser levels to whet your appetite. I liked what I played, and so now I’m wondering if I’m going to take a deeper plunge…

Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes

Marco Polo is one of those Netflix series I’ve been meaning to watch for what feels like forever, and simply haven’t gotten around to it. I saw that there was a new half-hour special that popped up – it’s in part to tease the upcoming second season – and so I decided to watch it. Really liked what I saw. I don’t know if the series is really like this or not, but I loved all the kung-fu action in it. It did its job well, since I now plan on checking out season 1 soon.

Asterix: The Land of the Gods

As far as I know, this is the first Asterix animated film done in CG, and they did a really great job with it. The animation is definitely on par with what you expect to see from an American CG movie these days, and I thought it was a great adaptation of the original book. Really funny stuff for me, although it might help if you’re already very familiar with the series (I grew up reading those books countless times). Really hope they keep making more CG movies like this.


I recently wrote about how much I enjoyed getting into Southern Bastards, and so as I impatiently wait for a new issue to come out, I decided to go back and read Jason Aaron’s Scalped, a crime series that takes place in and around a Native American Reservation. I remember reading it back when it was being published, but I never read it until the end – I can’t quite remember why, but I guess I just wasn’t that into it back then. I’ve read the first trade, and can say that this time around I’m enjoying it a hell of a lot more. Very much looking forward to reading through the rest of the series.

The Martian

Finally got around to watching this, and yeah, it’s pretty good. I can see that the story would be better told in book form, as you could really get into the main character’s head, but what I saw was pretty entertaining, even if it felt a bit too over-the-top – the whole rescue bit at the end feels way too cavalier, not grounded like the rest of the movie.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

When you get into this game, you GET into this game. I’m only 6 hours in, and am still feeling myself around the various (and admittedly expansive) systems, and learning to appreciate the depth that’s on display here. What I do already know is that I so love being in this world, and exploring the gorgeous planet – this is much more my jam than the death husk of a world that we get in Fallout 4. Also, I love the sense of wonder as you explore the world, and run by amazingly giant creatures roaming and floating around you. I’m also learning to appreciate the combat system, which gets better and better the more you start understanding how to approach things. I already know that I’m going to have a hell of a good time playing through this game.

Read Only Memories

A cyberpunk graphic text adventure game? Sounds good to me. I just started playing it, and I’m already digging the story and atmosphere. I’m still only about an hour in, but I like that I’m investigating a mystery, and I’m really curious to see where this is all going to go. You can grab it right now as part of the “Eye Candy 4″ Humble Bundle.