Take Me by the Wrist
The Turan SC4700 wrist drive was designed for portability, expandability, and speed. Hardly larger or heavier than an old plastic Swatch, its micro electronic innards power the equivalent of your average laptop. But data’s the thing. Able to hold 1000 terabytes — or 1 petabyte if you will, which explains its popular “Peta” monicker — and with wireless bandwidth (or through optional cord adapter) that would put any optical cable to shame, its purpose is to grab data, and to do it fast.

No self-respecting operative would ever be caught without one.

Dream On
You wake up in a bed, in a room. You’ve been in this room before, but it’s been a while. You lose consciousness again.

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I don’t know why, but six seasons in, and I still love this series. It’s crass, the characters are all over the place, but I still can’t get enough of it, and I still get happy when a new season starts (like it did a few weeks ago). Damn Gallaghers.

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Legends of Tomorrow

I got completely burnt out on all super-hero shows at the start of the season, and just stopped cold turkey on everything I was watching (Flash, Arrow, Gotham). With the launch two weeks ago of Legends of Tomorrow, spinning off from Flash and Arrow, I got in the mood to watch this kind of stuff again. I went as far as binging both Flash and Arrow, catching up on the season so far, and I also plan on watching all of Supergirl (don’t think I’ll going back to Gotham though, as that show was getting less and less fun). I think Legends of Tomorrow is really fun so far, and I really like that it’s moving very fast, with no lulls, and with some big fight scenes that are fun to watch. I also enjoyed going through Flash and Arrow – the stuff that annoys me with each (some annoying characters in Arrow, and the soapy family stuff in Flash) didn’t bother me when I was just consuming all these episodes so quickly. Since last week I’ve started watching all these shows on a weekly basis, and I do wonder if I’ll be able to stick with it. I actually do prefer to just binge these shows, but at the same time, it’s fun talking about what’s going on each week with friends. Oh, and one more thing, I really enjoyed the episode of Arrow that featured the return of Constantine. Although the Constantine series wasn’t particularly good, the actor playing him was a true highlight, so it’s great that they brought him back, and I really hope we see more of him – how about an inclusion on the team of Legends of Tomorrow?

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Akira (Manga)

After re-watching the Akira movie recently, I decided it was about time I revisit the original manga, which I don’t think I’ve re-read in a couple of decades – and that would have been the version that was published by Epic, colorized. I’m reading the B&W version this time, and I just blasted through the first volume in one sitting. I’m so happy that this is still such a fantastic read, and that it still feels like such a vital piece of comic art. It’s still astounding to me that something this massive and this good could get published in the first place. Of course, it makes you think about what Otomo could have maybe done if he continued creating comics (after Akira, he only wrote The Legend of Mother Sarah), but then again, you can’t blame the guy for not really wanting to go through the creation process of creating another magnum opus like Akira.



Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Breathe in, breathe out. Don’t let the panic set in. You’ve done this before, you can do it again.

The last time you jacked in you got a lay of the land. This isn’t mission impossible. It’s just mission hard as fuck. Alarms are ringing, but you haven’t been spotted yet.

Not yet.

Push the Little Daisies
You’re located on the level 3 underground floor, which includes two possible exits — a lovely combo of elevators or stairs, both guarded. Elevators can mean doors opening on a guarded welcome, so the stairs are the preferred choice.

The only choice.

You run. Running to the entrance to the stairs, you spot two guards, alert, expecting something. Someone. The data you’ve “borrowed” from the installation is safely stored in your wrist drive. You’re going to make it, but there will be blood.

Oh the Memories
This is the story of a woman. The setting is not important, nor the space. What you need to know is this: if you ever encounter this women, you are likely to a) thank the heavens she’s come for you b) curse your bad luck for having to face her c) die.

But the point of this introduction is to simply make one thing clear: she knows what she’s doing, she knows how to get things done, she gets things done.

Now back to the story.

Running Down a Dream
The two guards are maimed and unconscious — if they were conscious, they’d just be wishing that this had been their day off. The flashing red of the alarm in the stairs would normally lead one to panic, but you don’t. You know what you’re doing. You calmly make your way up the stairs, silently navigating your way around the doors to each successive level, until you reach the ground floor. You can taste extraction.

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