Less Than Zero

I was reminded while watching this how strange it is that I enjoy so many movies that are based on novels by Bret Easton Ellis, yet I’ve never read any of his novels (I really should rectify this). But it doesn’t change that this was a movie that I loved back then, and still really […]


I remember being interested in this game when it originally came out, but I never got around to playing it. It’s one of the games on offer as part of this month’s PlayStation Plus free games, which was the push I needed, and what a joy it was to play. I played it in two […]

Destiny 2

I guess I have a long and weird relationship with Destiny — and interestingly, I’m writing this after just finishing to read the chapter on the making of Destiny in the excellent Blood, Sweat, and Pixels book. I remember being excited for it before it came out, and enjoying that first Alpha. Then the game came […]

Full Metal Jacket

This is still and amazing film. This is the point in the 80s where we get a lot of movies about Vietnam (Platoon in ’86, and for ’87 you also have Good Morning, Vietnam and Hamburger Hill), and this is probably my favorite. It still feels like you have two films here, the first half […]

The Running Man

The funniest thing about watching this is that it starts out in the futuristic year of… 2017 (at the start of the film, and then it jumps to 2019). This film is filled with an ungodly amount of cheese, and it’s still and absolute joy to watch. From the genius casting of Richard Dawson — […]