Miike Takashi + Kitano Takeshi = IZO. The trailer is out, and it’s completely insane. This looks like it might top every other film Miike has done (and that’s a helluva long list).

We’ll Do What We Want!

Miike Takashi is still da man. We have to change the negative things into positive. In today’s Japanese film industry we always say we don’t have enough budget, that people don’t go to see the films. But we can think of it in a positive way, meaning that if audiences don’t go to the cinema […]

Classic Japanese Cinema

Kurosawa Akira, Mizoguchi Kenji, Shimizu Hiroshi, Gosho Heinosuke, Ichikawa Kon… A total of six movies by such grand masters of Japanese cinema from the 1930s-50s are shown with English subtitles (‘The Idiot’ and ‘Scandal’ even in new prints). This is also a precious chance to experience the juicy performances of famed actresses Yamada Isuzu, Hara […]

Yokohama French Film Festival 2004

It’s that time of the year again, when the Yokohama French Film Festival comes into town. If you are a fan of French movies, the Yokohama French Film Festival, an annual event to be held June 16-20 this year, is a must-see. A delegation of as many as 50 French actors and filmmakers, headed by […]

Short Shorts Film Festival 2004

‘Biting sharpness, a lingering afterglow, and the fire of a rough diamond.’ According to Short Shorts representative, actor Bessho Tetsuya, these are the attributes that make short films so attractive. One of the outstanding titles among the 1,481 entries that were submitted for this festival’s sixth installment include ‘Lost In Translation’ maker Sophia Coppola’s ‘Lick […]