Appointment with Death

I was a big fan of Peter Ustinov’s Poirot, and I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t really remember much about this movie — I’m assuming I saw it though. It’s about what you’d expect from these Agatha Christie adaptations, which is to say that they’re not terrific, but are still quite enjoyable to watch. The setting here is nice (Palestine), and it’s got quite the cast (including Carrie Fisher), but the one thing that marred the film for me is the awful soundtrack — it’s unfortunately very 80s, which is incredibly awkward for a film set in the early 20th century.

And Then There Were None

This mini-series that adapts the Agatha Christie novel couldn’t have come out at a better time, as it was just after I went to a really enjoyable Agatha Christie exhibition here in Montreal, and so I was primed to get back to reading some of her books (I’ve become a big fan of her books only in recent years). I’ve never read the original book (which has multiple titles, including Ten Little Indians), and from what my wife says, for this TV adaptation they did alter things a bit, which is probably for the best (means I’ll still enjoy reading the book). It’s a 3-part mini-series (1 hour each episode), and we pretty much watched the whole thing in one evening, because we were so drawn in. All the performances are fantastic, and the mystery is a great one. 

Miss Marple

After watching Death on the Nile, I got in the mood to watch more Agatha Christie mysteries – which I’m sure would make my parents happy, as they continue to watch all of the series that get produced – and we found that Hulu Japan has the 1984 BBC Miss Marple series. We’ll probably end up watching them, as the first episode was pretty good. I don’t think I ever watched these.

Death on the Nile

Over the past few years I’ve been occasionally reading Agatha Christie novels – I’m currently reading Peril at End House – and I was in the mood to watch this. I’m not quite sure if I did see this back in the day or not – I could have, and I do remember seeing most if not all of Ustinov’s Poirot appearances – but I definitely didn’t remember anything about the story, and more importantly, how it ended. It was good fun watching it, especially with that all-star cast, and I now want to watch Evil Under the Sun again.