Tag: Illustration

  • Doraemondrian

    My buddy Duncan created this great illustration that mashes together Doraemon and Mondrian. Via Canvas.

  • Yokai Food & Drinks

    Illustrator Hanabiyori Tatami has been creating a series of illustrations that combine food stuffs and drinks with the traditional yokai (demons) of Japan, and it’s great to see — pictured here, instant curry by way of yokai. See more in this Spoon & Tamago post.

  • Yukihiro Tada

    I really love the illustrative work of Yukihiro Tada. There’s tons of great stuff to take in on his personal site, but I especially like the dense environments that are highlighted in this Spoon & Tamago post.

  • Kiyohiko Azuma

    The urban cityscapes of artist Kiyohiko Azuma are simply fantastic — take a look at this gallery. Found via this tweet.

  • Riku Machida

    I really like the illustrative work of Riku Machida — nice clean lines. Found via Canvas.

  • Min Min

    I love this illustration by A. Melicart of Min Min, a character in the upcoming Nintendo fighting game ARMS. Via this tweet.

  • Tokyo Storefront Series

    I’ve mentioned Tokyo-based illustrator Mateusz Urbanowicz a couple of times now (for his “Cold in Yokohama” series and a recent ramen shop illustration), and now Spoon & Tamago gives a little love as well by highlighting his wonderful “Tokyo Storefront” series. Such great work.

  • Ramen Restaurant

    I really love this illustration by Mateusz Urbanowicz that he shared in a tweet, of a ramen shop he visited.

  • Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Illustration

    I shared an illustration by Amelicart not too long ago — this great homage to Mother — and here’s another fantastic illustration, this time to pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series (which I’ve recently been playing a lot).

  • Yuko Shimizu

    I’ve already highlighted the art of Yuko Shimizu on this site — hey, even back in 2003 — but this tweet acts as a good reminder that she continues to be a fantastic illustrator whose work is a joy to take in.