My friend Louis-Étienne Vallée — who interestingly, I’d see at my PauseTalk events whenever he was in town for visits, and then again in Montreal where he was based before I moved there, and now he finds himself having moved to Tokyo — is an illustrator whose latest project sees him obsessing with faces. He wants to draw more of them — especially within a community — so get in touch with him if you have suggestions. Via Canvas.

Our Time Capsule

On top of these great illustrations (Mother, Dragon Quest) I’ve been sharing by Amelicart, please note that the illustrator has also recently released an art book called Our Time Capsule (Bokura no Taimu Kapuseru). You can order it online here, and they also support overseas orders.

New Year 2017 Visuals

If you were to ask me what my favorite New Year images I’ve seen shared so far, first up would be the Mother-inspired illustrated piece by Amelicart (pictured above, via this tweet), and then the Legend of Zelda illustration shared by Nintendo, below, which pays tribute to classic imagery of the original game (both below).

PauseTalk Vol. 52

I sometimes have photos to share from a PauseTalk event, but this time, since Luis Mendo was in attendance, you get to see last night’s attendees (to Vol. 52) in illustrated form (above). We were a smaller group — a lucky “13” — and the talk this time mostly revolved around questions of art in Japan. I also completely forgot to bring out the attendance sheet, but I was able to remember everyone who came (in part because of Luis’ illustration too), so below is the full list of those who attended.

As I mentioned recently, I think I’ll skip August — most people tend to be out of town on holidays, so it’s hard to get a good attendance — and so the next PauseTalk (Vol. 53) will probably take place September 5.