Lyrical School


I have a thing for female rapping in Japanese — it’s a sound I really love, starting with Halcali, and followed by a few artists since. I’m not in love with all of their songs, but there’s something neat about the hip-hop idol group Lyrical School, who are about to release their first major label album, Guidebook. You may have heard of them before, as they had a music video go viral earlier this year for the song “Run and Run,” that was specially formatted for mobile phone screens. This post on Tokyo’s Coolest Sound includes a few videos to check out.

Shiny Shiny 2&3

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.14.22

Another entry I quite enjoyed from the Dotmov festival is the music video for Chikyunokiki’s “Shiny Shiny 2&3,” which takes inspiration from classic shooter Xevious. It was directed by Patanica, who also directed Qrion‘s “Crystal” music video I mentioned last month.