Massive List of Books About Video Games

As I’ve mentioned before, I love reading books about video games — which is the reason I love the series of StoryBundle collections Simon Carless puts together, the most recentĀ one released last month. If you’re looking for some good suggestions on what to read, there’s tons of great books (over 100) listed here (it even […]

The Tokyoiter

The Tokyoiter is a fictional tribute to the great covers of The New Yorker, done as a project to celebrate the love illustrators have for the city of Tokyo. It was started by a couple of friends of mine, Andrew Joyce and David Robert, along with Tatsushi Eto. A new cover is shared on the […]

Books Are Not Magazines, and Vice Versa

Craig Mod recently posted a new essay in relation to digital publishing — the throat swallowing titled “The ereader incompetence checklist (for discerning consumers, editors, publishers and designers” — and as with everything else he’s written of late, it’s a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in the topic. BUT, I do […]

Dadich Is Not Anti-HTML

Wired magazine’s creative director — and overseer of Conde Nast’s digital strategy — Scott Dadich recently gave a talk at the OFFSET 2010 festival in Dublin. His talk of course focused on the successful iPad edition of Wired and the collaboration with Adobe, but I found the following bit (from Creative Review’s event report) to […]

The New Yorker on iPad

The big news in the digital magazine world this week is of course the release of Conde Nast’s The New Yorker app. It was designed by the same team behind the Wired magazine app — creative director Scott Dadich is in fact now in charge of bringing all of the publisher’s stable of titles to […]