Dust: An Elysian Tail

I got this for PS4 back in October when it was offered as one of the PS+ games for that month, and I’m reminded now that I should go back and play some more, because I do remember enjoying the visuals, and the hacking and slashing was decent – in fact, I remember playing the demo for this when it first came out on 360, and telling myself that I should get it, but for some reason never gotten around to it. Oh the problems of having huge backlogs of things to play.

Super Time Force

Holy shit is this game ever fun. I really wish I could have gone through the tutorial when I played it at BitSummit earlier this year, because at that time, I really couldn’t wrap my mind around what I was supposed to do, and it’s only now that I truly understand how this works: use time to back up to get new dudes to help your other dudes, to cover more ground, to power-up, and in the end, kick ass! I’ve only had a chance to play through the first few missions, but so far I really love how as I move through a level, it feels like I’m building a puzzle more than I am running-and-gunning. It’s also one of the first games in which I love watching the replay of my level run at the end – it feels really satisfying to see how all those “puzzle pieces” come together in allowing your traversal of the whole thing. Great mix of fun, pixelated graphics, and rad tunes. 

Remember Me

So far I both love and hate this game. What I love the most is the world its set in, a futuristic Neo-Paris that is Blade Runner-esque in the best sense. It’s a joy to explore this city. I also really dig the interface, the cybernetics that you use to interact in the world, as well as the whole memory control system. What has been driving me nuts are some of the battles, which are just not fun. You’re often stuck running around in circles waiting for one of your powers to “ready” itself, and although the build-your-own combo system is interesting, executing those long combos is an exercise in frustration. I think I’m more than halfway through, and I do want to get to the end to see more of the world, but I wish I didn’t have to deal with the annoying bits.