Kosaka Jun


REALTOKYO art director Kosaka Jun has an upcoming solo exhibition called “Dot,” and it looks like quite interesting.

REALTOKYO art director Kosaka Jun shows his works in a solo exhibition. Coming originally from architecture, his regular vocation is — very much like a contemporary creator — graphic and web design, showcased at this exhibition in a variety of two- and three-dimensional, as well as interactive and other pieces. Kosaka’s radical ideas work out surprisingly well in his works considering the rational and logical structures that first seem conflicting with the artist’s overabundant imagination, almost bordering on vagary. Spiced up with references that hint at an awareness of actuality, the works on display come across disquieting and complex, yet dipped in an ironical type of humor that gives them at once a strangely comforting effect. Kosaka appears also in a talk show.

It takes place at Foo in Roppongi (a place I’ve never been to), and lasts until September 18.