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OK Fred is OK

11/03/2004 - LYON - RHONE - FRANCE -  Musee d'Art Contemporain de Lyon. Mathieu BRIAND, Derriere le Monde Flottant. -  Photo by Bruno AMSELLEM

REALTOKYO has some nice things to say about OK FRED, and the upcoming release party.

OK Fred is one of the better Japanese music magazines with a pleasantly hand-made feel. Increasing its volume with each issue, the makers have geared up and presented a bilingual paper with volume 3, and in celebration of the publication of volume 4 they now host a party with a line-up of artists that equals the magazine’s originality. From France come Mathieu Briand/Cercle Rouge with four turntables and a vinyl cutting machine, as well as Digiki, who plays a week later at a concert with Saeki Kenzo. Rather than the actual music, what sounds like fun at this party are the unique performances it promises, along with the nice fact that it’s free of admission!