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Group Release Pary

I’ve talked a lot about Group, and especially its member Taichi, and now comes news that they have an upcoming release party for the album BEFORE TURNING OFF THE LIGHT (which happens to be a very nice album).

The first live shows Group, a unit formed by electronica solo artist and drummer Taichi, Kirihito’s guitarist Takehisa and others, played in early 2000 overwhelmed with highly emotional jams. The fact that those vibes got mostly lost on the following debut album was a proof that Group was primarily a live band, and therefore the material of the new longplayer the band released this summer is again best enjoyed in a live club. This is the occasion to do so, with additional sets by Breath Mark and Cinema Dub Monks, and Los Apson?’s Yamabe Keiji in the DJ booth. (REALTOKYO)

It happens Sunday October 17 at Cay, and starts at 17:00. Entry is 3300 yen (2800 yen in advance).