iCal Tokyo Events

I’ve gotten two suggestions this week (and they both happen to be from Tokyo-based designers) about sharing an iCal event calendar on the site. So I’m putting it out there, would there be an interest in this? Basically, it would be a schedule listing design-related events that I compile, and to which you could subscribe from your iCal program (sorry, Mac users only).

Update: It’s been pointed out to me that the iCal format is not Mac-only, and that it can be used with the Mozilla calendar, or even just dumped on a PC iPod. I’m going to put something up within a day or two.

Tokyo Walking

Orange in Tokyo

Online magazine ORANGE takes a tour of Tokyo. Not exactly “my Tokyo,” but it might still offer some suggestions for visitors to the city.

A nice thing about ORANGE is that they also have a mobile version of their site (where I read the article).

Technology Web

QR Barcode Blog

Yes, QR Barcodes are cool (I use one on my site to point to the mobile version of my site), but I never thought that they would be used as blog content. Link via In-Duce.

Art Events TB.Grafico

Maru Biru Art Event


Over the next few days I’ll be posting pics from the Maru Biru (Marunouchi Building) art event of a couple of weeks ago. It might be still on, but I’m not sure.

Design Events


Toe of Groovisual Diary went to the current ICC exhibition, “Reactivity,” and she has tons of cool pics to show for it. Really makes me want to go to this. It lasts until October 17.