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Let It Poko

Indie rock in Tokyo!

While RT tends to focus on cutting-edge forms of electronic music, sound art or genre-crossing efforts in jazz, once in a while the domestic indie rock scene deserves attention too. Although I haven’t seen any of the bands featured at this event playing live yet, the fresh sound at least of the organizing Oui and Jinen suggests that here we have a bunch of young artists who combine independent rock spirit with awareness of latest technology, as well as the inexperience and naivety of newcomers with skillful musicianship and artistic sense. The organizers argument that “there are too many boring laptop concerts”, and they do have a point. As this will surely not be an example of the other extreme — dilettantes’ awkwardly self-indulgent abuse of badly tuned instruments — it’s sounds like an event worth checking out. (REALTOKYO)

I thought the “too many boring laptop concerts” comment was funny, gave a me a good chuckle. The event — includes live performances by Stan, Goriofix, Moran, Oui, and Jinen — takes place at Club Kinoto November 21 at 6, and is only 1500 yen.