Waist Down

I want to see this, if for the setting more than the works themselves.

There’s that last scene in one of those Nikkatsu erotic movies where the protagonist’s (Seri Meika) skirt is softly waving in the wind. It’s an incredibly beautiful and expressive scene that in a way symbolizes the meaning of a skirt for women. Shown at Aoyama’s Prada boutique with its strikingly eye-catching glass facade is an exhibition that highlights the sheer unlimited power of expression skirts and dresses display with every move. Curated by Rem Koolhaas’ AMO/OMA, the exhibition on the 6th floor shows life-sized photos of fashion designers’ collections in a fantastic setting created by mirrors that reflect the photographs along with the scenery outside as seen through the venues’ windows. (REALTOKYO)

Happens at the Aoyama Prada store until January 16.