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One Week & Three Items


Jesper is organizing an exhibition for some of the creations of Kouichi Okamoto called “One Week & Three Items” in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here’s some more info:

Next Century Modern & Tokyo Style in Gothenburg presents the exhibition One Week & Three Items by Japanese music artist and designer KOUICHI OKAMOTO. Three items are exhibited: 1) BALLOON LAMP – a nu-traditional balloon lamp based on Japanese Chochin lamps from the Edo period 2) COLOR LIGHT – a dvd that turns any tv into a colorful installation 3) RANDOM – a cd which played on random mode creates an infinite melody.

Location: Andra Långgatan 5, Gothenburg
Time: 28/2—4/3 between 15.00—19.00
Vernissage: Monday the 28th from 15.00

You should also have a look at the very nice PDF press release they made.

Tokyo Walking Web

Shopping in Tokyo

Momus is back in town, and he has a new audio blog up: “Shopping in Tokyo.” I notice he bought the watch I’ve been eyeing for months now. D’oh.

Art TB.Grafico

Aoyama Street Art


A sign in Aoyama, in front of the Spiral building.

Art Events

Japan Media Arts Festival

Been wanting to mention this here for a while now, and I’m finally reminded of it by this REALTOKYO entry:

The festival is held for the eighth time this year, and as an art fan I’m again most interested in the Art division. The Grand Prize this year goes to France-based Electronic Shadow, who create in “3 mitutes2” a peculiar feel of depth by projecting silhouettes onto the walls of a perfectly white space. Winner of the Excellence Prize is “Global Bearing”, in which visitors can use a pole in the floor symbolizing the earth’s axis to determine and see images of opposite points on the globe. An interview with the work’s creator, Hirakawa Norimichi, is available in vol. 6 of ART iT magazine, which is of course recommended to check out before visiting the exhibition.

It will take place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography from February 25, until March 6.


The Feeds

I’ve been wanting to use the new “Page” feature of WP 1.5 to list the feeds, but I’m having a slight problem — I think I know why, just need to play around with some stuff. In the meantime, here they are:

Please note that the RSS and Atom feeds have changed. Well, the original ones are still there, but I would much prefer if you subscribed to the new ones, that have been slightly modified (in a good way) through Feedburner. The biggest thing for me is that it will let me know how many people subscribe to the feeds, which I’m dying to find out.

Art TB.Grafico

Sticker Post


A post with stickers in Aoyama.

Stores TB.Grafico

Cold Elephants


Even these little Sato elephants standing in front of a Heiwado pharmacy are cold.


Japanese Names Policy

I haven’t pointed it out, but you might have noticed that I’ve recently been writing Japanese names in the Western order (family name last). I’ve always preferred to use the Japanese way, since that’s how I encounter most of these names, but as my writings outside of this site need to use the Western way, I don’t want to confuse my readers anymore than I need to.

Music Stores

Record Shopping in Japan

A guide to record shopping in Japan. Link via Gridskipper.

Architecture Design Events

KDDI Designing Studio

KDDI (the company behind mobile phone provider AU) will be launching the KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku on March 4, and this will be accompanied by Gas sponsored special events featuring the design collection Tomato.

  • “YOU-ME-WHO?” installation, which will start March 4 (until March 28)
  • A talk session with members of Tomato, on March 6
  • Live performance by Tomato and DJs on March 26