Zoren & Johan Exhibition


Currently at Depot:

Fashion pages inspired by ancient intelligence in southamerican, from tokyo based photographer duo zoren gold & minori murakami. They’ll show you around 10 new artworks. Johan will show you 1 new artwork and some past works.

【ZOREN & MINORI profile】
German photographer zoren gold and japanese graphic artist minori murakami started their collaboration in 2000, they have been working & living in los angeles and new york before coming to tokyo in 2002. In tokyo they have been working as photographers , art directors and video directors with artist like UA, Kahimi Karie, Nomiya Maki, Hirai Ken, sheena ringo etc. Currently they are working on their upcoming first solo show of PERSONAL WORKS.


【JOHAN profile】
Swedish designer Johan Prag has been living and working in Tokyo since 2003. He has been active as a designer, art director, video director,and product designer since 1997.

Clients include – JVC Victor Entertainment (Tokyo), Klein Dytham architecture (Tokyo),Franc franc (Tokyo), Scandinavian Airlines System (Stockholm), etc.