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11574902_0048555d90Today’s tee, in honor of Jesper.


Golden Interview

Marxy is celebrating the Golden Week holiday by doing a series of interviews, that he’s posting on a daily basis. He posted mine today.

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Flickr Problems

Damn, moblogging with Flickr doesn’t seem to be working very well. Some of the posts I’m sending are not posting. Take the last post for instance (“Paperback“): it didn’t post when I sent it from the store, and when I got back home I sent it again and then it posted. Has anybody else had this kind of problem with Flickr? This is really disappointing.

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11446937_99993c3de6A new collection of stationary goods produced by Delfonics and Groovisions based on the graphic design work of Dick Bruna.

Games Technology

DS Versus PSP

With all this talk about the PSP (I’ll admit that I’m probably being influenced by the recent American launch), the hardware sales for the week of April 18-24 surprised me a bit (from The Magic Box):

1. Nintendo DS – 96,191 units
2. PlayStation 2 – 33,080 units
3. PlayStation Portable – 33,004 units
4. GameBoy Advance SP – 10,820 units
5. GameCube – 8,329 units
6. GameBoy Advance – 422 units
7. Xbox – 112 units

This could be a result of the release of NINTENDOGS, which seems to be doing really well here. It’s basically a puppy simulator, not a game. Think Tamagotchi, but with better graphics and more features.

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YMCK in Harajuku

Need some outing suggestions for the Golden Week? Looks like something interesting is finally happening at the KDDI Designing Studio — a live performance by YMCK tomorrow. It’s free, and you can get your tickets earlier in the day (the show starts at 18:30). Check out Patrick’s Agenda for more info.

There’s also a big creators event happening at Roppongi Hills (it started yesterday, and ends today), which I might try to check out.

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Open Nature


Time to schedule a visit to the ICC for their new exhibition, “Open Nature.”

“Open Nature” focuses on the “nature” infiltrated in our daily lives through digital information environments, and aims to redefine it as an “open” concept that clears the way for a broader range of relationships between art and technology. Seen through the filter of information technology, our perception of “nature” today extends to structures of various shapes and scales. Technology enables us to travel through virtual realities made from data gathered in outer space or the deep sea, or explore on a nano-level the nature of the human body through genetic engineering, thus it has made visible a nature we are unable to experience first-hand. In topics as odd as “mankind and vegetation”, “climate and architecture”, “spheres and sounds”, or “internet and marathon”, this exhibition presents works and projects from the fields of art, design, and architecture. The displays interlink and convert in a creative way a variety of different forms of information from a challenging new perspective. Qualities that seem opposing by nature, such as micro/macro, visible/invisible, analog/digital, or material/immaterial, melt together to form a new “nature”. Perceivable objects and phenomena invite visitors to imagine the vast amounts of information flowing dynamically behind the scenes, and ultimately embark on a quest to discover potential relationships and new possibilities. A series of talks, symposia and workshops are organised throughout the event. Check the ICC website for more details. (TAB)

The show starts today, and is on until July 3.

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Moblogging Again

As the previous two posts show, I’m finally moblogging again. As I said before, I’ve been wanting to include my moblog posts in the main feed, but still wanted to have a way to distinguish them somehow from my regular pics. Intro the “TB” icon (for TB.Movel) with the tiny mobile phone. When you see the following image at the top of a post, it means it was moblogged:


Another thing is that I had trouble integrating the moblog archives into my WP install — I was still using MT for that. I still have an exported file of the them, as well as all the images, so maybe one day I’ll find a way to do it (it could be a bug in WP 1.5). But for now, no moblog archives, and we start from zero.

Update (16/09/04): That moblog image is no longer available, and I can’t even remember what it looked like. But as I’ve been fixing the archives, I’ve added all of the moblog posts to the “TB.Movel” category on the site (TB.Movel was the name of my moblog).



11369036_ca21ee28d6A great book I spotted at ABC. It features beautiful photography of filed objects. Stationery porn!


Graniph Magazine

11367113_dd52ae1c23A Graniph display at Junkudo.