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Another shot of the Seleqlo guerilla shop at Rocket Gallery in Aoyama.

Art Design TB.Grafico



A mailbox, somewhere between Aoyama and Shibuya.

Meta Tokyo Walking Web

A Week on the Grid


Yes, things have been a bit quiet here, but I hope that some of you are still following me over at Gridskipper, and enjoying some of it (as much as I am enjoying writing it). Here’s a list of the Tokyo-related posts I’ve written over the past 3 days:

Two more days to go!



I just love the idea behind the Furoshiki-shiki bag. A bit pricey though. Link via Cool Hunting.


Tokyo Tiger Launch

To celebrate the launch of Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), Apple has posted images from launch events in Apple Stores around the world, including Tokyo and Osaka.

Me, I’m still waiting for my copy (I ordered it online to get the student discount, which reduces the price almost in half). Yuko got an email today saying I should be receiving it tomorrow or the day after.


From Pause

Even though it’s the Golden Week holiday, I’m pretty much going to stick around Ikebukuro the whole time. As mentioned last week, I’m guest editing Gridskipper this week (please send some tips), starting today, and will probably be doing so from Pause, where I’m writing this right now (although they don’t have “free” wireless internet, I’m connected through the Yahoo! BB Mobile service they offer). It certainly makes for a pleasant writing environment, and I’m actually quite looking forward to a week of doing this. If you happen to be in the area, feel free to drop by for a chat (but check with me to make sure I’m there, as I do plan on doing one or two excursions in the city before the end of the holidays).


This Week in Magazines

title0506 cover11

  • The new issue of AXIS (115) is out (although it’s not featured on their website yet), with Gwenael Nicolas as the cover interview, and a feature called “Beyond Universal Design,” that looks quite interesting.
  • This month’s TITLE (June) takes a look at Adidas and Puma, covering both companies from a fashion perspective. I like the section that explores imaginary product collaborations. Maiwa Denki X Adidas anyone? Yeah, sure!
  • EASY TRAVELER is, well, a cute little “fashion idea” magazine, sort of covering the “travels” of life I guess (finding that cute little breakfast). It’s not a bad looking little object, but the black & white pages (probably included because of financial concerns) bring it down a bit.

The Pakuri of Nagi Noda

nodaMarxy (with all my recent links to his site, I’m thinking he should be the one editing my site) brings up the topic of tribute/homage/stealing in the Japanese artistic world, offering up some recent criticism over the work of art director and designer Nagi Noda — who’s stuff I’ve enjoyed in the past. It would be quite disheartening if the charges against her turned out to be true.