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Festival du Film Francais Yokohama

If you don’t mind heading out to Yokohama, then take note that this year’s edition of the Festival du Film Francais is happening this week. I wouldn’t mind seeing LES POUPEES RUSSES.

With master director Costa-Gavras as its organising committee’s president, this festival introduces in 19 programs (18 feature films plus one short film special) a colorful array of brand new French movies shown for the first time in Japan. Recommended are first of all Romain Duris’ three contributions. While in “Arsene Lupin” and “The beat that my heart skipped” (provisional title) he shows performances ranging from a popular hero’s adventures to a pianist’s tricky entanglements, “Les Poupees Russes” deserves particular attention as a sequel to Duris’ most representative work, “L’Auberge Espagnole”. Another outstanding title is “Genesis” (provisional title) by Marie Perennou and Claude Nuridsany, a pair of scientists who reveal in a series of stunning pictures the mysteries of life! (REALTOKYO)

It takes place at Pacifico Yokohama, June 15-19. Tickets are: 1200 yen (1500 yen at the door) unreserved, 1500 yen (1800 yen at the door) reserved.