Podcast Update

Just to update you on the Tokyo Boy podcast — I did some more testing yesterday, both inside and outside (walking around Ikebukuro in busy areas). The recordings done inside seem to be fine. Outside, it was mostly OK, even when holding at different lengths from my mouth. I heard crackling only once, and I’m not sure why it happened that one time (and why every recording done in Ginza had it). This being said, I’ll try one more out-on-the-town recording (either in Aoyama, Shibuya, or next time I’m in Ginza), and if I get the crackling again, I’ll look into getting a small mic to add to the setup.

On a side note, a lot of the things that I covered in the first unreleasable recording talked about stuff that I never did end up mentioning here. You really should try to catch the exhibitions that are currently happening at the GGG and the G8. At the GGG, for the “Graphic Wave 2005” show, there’s a great video presentation setup in the basement, and I ended up sitting there for 45 minutes or so, watching the works (on three screens made up of stacked white boxes) of the three artists involved. The theater flyer exhibition at Creation Gallery G8 was truly fantastic. Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting much, knowing absolutely nothing about the theater world, and what I saw impressed me to no end. There is just so much interesting graphic work and experimentation that goes into these, something you don’t see in the movie equivalent (or even in music flyers). I was definitely tempted to pick up the book for the show, a great value (for its size and interior) at 3600 yen. Matsuya’s Design Gallery is back (the last time I was there in July they were having a sale in the room), and they had some very detailed illustrative works by Kazumasa Nagai (not sure if that’s the name, I’m going from memory). Atelier Muji was showcasing some of their new items for the season (and I had some great tasting pastries at Meal Muji).