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I don’t even know what to expect from “Bend++,” but the description at REALTOKYO makes it sound intriguing.

The term “bending” doesn’t only stand for working with electricity off one’s own bat, but implies also Frankenstein-esque experimentation with consumer-friendly devices, electric circuits and programs, with the aim to create little technological monsters. Required for that is no manual, but only creativity and a love of groping for ways to make things. This event is a gathering of a handful of crazy folks from the sound and media art sphere, who come together under the “bending” banner to explore the new possibilities this form of technology holds in store. Organizer is Kubota Akihiro, always a good name when it’s about interesting, innovative things. The event coincides with the second installment of Dorkbot Tokyo, a meeting of “people doing strange things with electricity”.

More event info here.