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GAW: Goldengai Art Waves Part 5

GAW? That has got to be one of the worst acronyms ever — which doesn’t change that the idea behind this take-it-to-the-street approach to art exhibition is quite a good one, and it seems to be a growing trend (see CET 2005).

Held at various places each year since its launch in Shinjuku’s Goldengai (“Golden Street”) in 1999, this unique exhibition project traveled so far to Okikamurojima (Yamaguchi Prefecture), Tappizaki, Minmaya-mura (Aomori Prefecture), and a village near Nimes in France. This year marks GAW’s return to Shinjuku. If you roam the streets of the area and keep your eyes open you will spot installations by the likes of Endo Toshikatsu, and chances are you encounter the photographic work of Moriyama Daido, Narahashi Asako, Suzuki Risaku and Onaka Koji while having a drink or two at a bar. Interesting sound also contributions by newcomer artists, such as Akutsu Chihiro’s video art or Moriwaki Tamaho’s Japanese folk tale-flavored installation. (REALTOKYO)

The event is taking place in Shinjuku’s Goldengai area until October 9.