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I’ve mentioned Jerome Olivier in the past (after a chance meeting at Montoak), and he let’s me know that his latest project, MISSING PAGES, is almost done, with a final cut expected before the end of October (it was previewed at the “Short Shorts Festival” in Aichi). It’s a short film, and from the trailer that can be seen at the official site (check out the 30-second version), it looks very cool indeed.

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TAB 1st Year Anniversary Party


One of my very favorite sites is about to celebrate its 1st year anniversary, and they’re marking the occasion with a party at SuperDeluxe!

The Tokyo Art Beat Team invites you to join in for the celebration of’s first anniversary. A celebration for the Japanese and international crowd of art-goers and creatives mixing in Tokyo. A celebration of one year of buzzing excitement across our city, one year of fun and entertainment beyond television, one year of cultural wealth and one year of free choice! Come and meet with the team, the users, artists, venue owners, and special guests. Be among the first to grab TAB-shirts from an exclusive line designed by 5 popular artists and designers, witness the launch of new great features and redesign of the site, and don’t miss our special surprises!
Visual and musical delight will be provided through the evening by the DadaKingz and dryfishbutterfly. Soft drinks and food from 500¥, Alcohol from 700¥, available at the venue. (TAB)

The celebration will start at 19:30 on October 8. There’s a 500 yen entrance fee, which is quite reasonable, especially considering that Tokyo Art Beat is an NPO, and they need all the financial support they can get. And I can tell you right now that you will want to buy these t-shirts!

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New Groovisions Site

Groovisions have relaunched their site, which now inludes more examples of their work. There’s also a nice news section with updates on all the latest GV happenings. Link via

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Braun Design Exhibition


When I went to the Design Gallery last week, they had flyers for the following show, which I plan on catching.

Braun celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of its brand philosophy with a presentation of its core values of design. The company’s entire design history will be introduced in a multidimensional manner together with Braun‘s corporate philosophy and visual communication strategy. Also scheduled for display are corporate manuals and posters, rare mockups, and prototypes that were never commercialized. (TAB)

It starts today at the Axis Gallery, and goes until October 16.

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I gotta say that I’m really digging Mike Mills’ Humans collection. Martin talks about the brand in his STYLEWISE column, and the stuff is carried at Cow Books (both at the Nakameguro and Aoyama shops).

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Mamma Gun Says!

Jesper lets the cat out of the bag regarding some of the things we have planned for Swedish Style. I guess I should start talking about it now, so expect a post on the subject sometime this week.



fs20050920a1cOur latest TSiG blogger, Martin Webb, has a new column, STYLEWISE, that appeared in yesterday’s edition of THE JAPAN TIMES (in the lifestyle section, where my column will appear). You can also read it online.


Omotesando Hills

Tadao Ando’s Omotesando Hills starts to reveal itself. More pics here. Link via

Update (16/09/04): The original photo in this post is no longer available.

Technology Web

Up for Some Flickering?

When Paul wants something done, he puts his money where his mouth is:

So despite wanting to keep my pics on my server, I have decided to finally switch to Flickr!! I mean, all my friends are there anyway! 200$ for the first person coming up with a script using the flickr API to import all my 3500+ pics from Gallery to Flickr.It needs to:
- put all my pics in Flickr sets named after the current albums in Gallery.
- transform all Gallery keywords into Flickr tags and preserve them for all pics.
- preserve all captions.
- transfer current comments into the captions on Flickr.
- preserve chronological order.

Should be a server side script I guess. If possible would do the work on its own, in one shot, not activated album per album.
I couldn’t find any on the web, what I found was many people waiting for such script… Flickr, would you hack that for us, please free us!!

Deadline: 30th of September.
contact me: pbaron …

Paul is of course one of the creators of Tokyo Art Beat.

Architecture Events

SD Review 2005


Get your architecture groove on!

Reflecting the thinking process of the architects, drawings and models reveal how these creators materialize their concepts. SD Review 2005 presents such works of the best of the new generation, as selected by the jury of the annual design competition. (TAB)

It’s happening at Hillside Terrace until October 2.