Design Events

Designmai Berlin in Tokyo 2005

Every year I hear about Designmai happening in Berlin, and so wish I could take some of it in. Well, now I have my chance!

The title of this event is prounounced “design my Berlin” – which would be a nice idea too – but in fact “mai” stands for May, the month this design festival has been held in the German capital. It’s as simple as this, but once you start associating “May” with things like “spring”, “youth” or “prime”, you’re already close to what this project is about. An impressively large number of German designers from the pioneering Berlin design scene gather with new ideas and concepts, to explore into which direction young German design might be heading in the future. Hints you can get at this Tokyo edition of the Designmai, which is composed of exhibitions, presentations, talk shows and others. (REALTOKYO)

It’s happening at Hillside Terrace in Daikanyama until October 23. More info here.