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Koizumi Makoto’s KuRaSiGoTo


I like the concept behind the exhibition space for this Koizumi Makoto show, “KuRaSiGoTo.”

Koizumi Makoto has been designing not “only furniture”, and not “only products”, but “lifestyle” per se. He is a rather quiet person who always takes a sober approach to creating things, which might be a reason why visitors to this exhibition that introduces more or less every project Koizumi has been involved with to date (including prototypes shown for the first time in public) are likely to be amazed by the large amount of items on display. The exhibition space is composed like a full-scale model of Koizumi’s own office/shop “Koizumi Dogu-ten (Koizumi utensils store)”, so that visitors feel as if standing in the shop and not in a gallery – a part of the event that is essential for understanding the designer’s entire philosophy. (REALTOKYO)

It’s being held at Gallery MA until November 12.