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TAB Tees on Sale


Another chance to get some TAB tees at a nice price (and remember, it helps support the site):

Updated: We’ve again lowered the price of the fantastic 5 TAB shirts to 2500¥ per shirt if you buy 2 (previously 5000¥), until the end of February. Those shirts’ designs were donated by five international artists/designers: Jonathan Barnbrook, Power Graphixx, Paul Cox, Nobory Tsubaki, Buro Destruct to help make a bit of money to support the NPO behind TAB and its 30 volunteers. This is our first line of shirts and we have about 10 shirts left per size. And, we ship international! Get them while they last!
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I really need to have a look at MACPOWER, one of Japan’s Mac magazines — Momus explains why.

Canadian Style Design Events

Canadian Style Signage



For Canadian Style, I’ve also created plenty of signage. Above are the profiles for the two featured artists (I’ll post the text in another post): designer Sonia Chow and photographer Marc Xavier LeBlanc (who also created all the Canadian Style music mixes — more on that later). Marc’s card is actually at the same scale as the others, but a bit longer. As with the menu, fonts for English text are in Helvetica Neue 75 Bold, with Japanese text in Osaka.


Another component of the event is an interactive installation, “Red + White/Read + Write,” that was conceived by Sonia. More on that in a separate post. What you see here is the instruction card that will be put on the wall.


As you all know, we have some Canadian Style t-shirts for sale (which you can of course purchase online), and so a small card for that.


Finally, anyone who has been to Cafe Pause has probably noticed that they usually keep one or two 4-seat tables reserved for larger groups, and so I made a sign for that also.

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Canadian Style Menu


As promised, here’s a look at the Canadian Style menu I designed. As you can see, the food selection is maple-heavy, and quite tasty I might add. My faves? The meat pie brought me back home, and tastes pretty much like the kind my mom made. My favorite dessert had got to be the maple pudding — it’s really sweet (more than I’m accustomed to, I don’t eat a lot of sweets), but deliciously so. For the beer, I tend to go for Moosehead when I’m in Canada, but here in Japan we could only get Labbat Blue, so that pretty much settled it. English text is all done in Helvetica Neue 75 Bold, with Japanese text in Osaka.

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Animal Fun

I’ve alluded a few times to the fact that Yuko has developed a bit of an obsession over DOUBUTSU NO MORI (ANIMAL CROSSING) and that I’ve pretty much lost access to my DS because of it — I won’t tell you how many hours she plays a day, but I think you can already figure out that it’s more than one. Want to know why DSes are selling like crazy in Japan? Just now she told me that she was spending some time with someone she later found out was an 11 year old girl. How did she find out? The other person that was hanging out in the village with them was her father, also playing on a DS right next to her. And the mother? She was in the same room, with her DS in hand, playing one of the popular brain training games. Oh, and the big brother also has his own DS.

I just can’t see the PSP developing this sort of family interaction — and that’s exactly what it is, a new way for family members to interact with each other.

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Japanesque Modern

From Kyodo News, under the title “Businesses, academia launch ‘Japanesque modern’ campaign”:

Leading businesses including Matsushita Electric Industrial Co and Toyota Motor Corp as well as universities and designers launched a three-year campaign Saturday to heighten Japan’s brand image based on its traditional culture. A total of 48 companies, seven schools, 11 industrial groups and 20 individuals set up a council to promote the campaign under the slogan of “Japanesque modern.”

The initiative is aimed at boosting the nation’s competitiveness by creating new products and digital and cultural contents that would incorporate Japan’s traditional culture and craftsmanship and also meet the needs of contemporary society, council members said.

Japanesque modern? Is Japanesque even a word?


Densha Trooper


From The ODK:

Danny Choo rides the trains of Tokyo and Yokohama as the Densha Trooper. Previously he’s made trips to Akihabara and a Ramen Shop.

Anyone spotted him yet?

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PechaKucha Night Vol. 29


If you were like me — I am Canadian Style‘s bitch, and she has no mercy — and couldn’t make it to last week’s PechaKucha Night (Vol. 29) at SuperDeluxe, PingMag has got you covered.

Architecture Stores

Architecture Photography at Olll

Olll has updated with a few photography galleries of Omotesando/Aoyama buildings, including Herzog & De Meuron’s Prada store, Toyo Ito’s Tod’s store, SANAA’s Dior store, Fumihiko Maki’s Spiral, Kengo Kuma’s One Omotesando, and Future System’s Comme des Garcons store. Link via


Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

Remember Robotech (the US adaptation of the Japanese MACROSS series)? Marxy does, and you can view a trailer for the new sequel series, THE SHADOW CHRONICLES, here. AICN has more info on this new follow-up series.

Is it just me, or is there a Battlestar Galactica (the new series) vibe to the space battle scenes in that trailer?