Month: January 2006

  • TAB Tees on Sale

    Another chance to get some TAB tees at a nice price (and remember, it helps support the site): Updated: We’ve again lowered the price of the fantastic 5 TAB shirts to 2500¥ per shirt if you buy 2 (previously 5000¥), until the end of February. Those shirts’ designs were donated by five international artists/designers: Jonathan…

  • Mac POWER!

    I really need to have a look at MACPOWER, one of Japan’s Mac magazines — Momus explains why.

  • Canadian Style Signage

    For Canadian Style, I’ve also created plenty of signage. Above are the profiles for the two featured artists (I’ll post the text in another post): designer Sonia Chow and photographer Marc Xavier LeBlanc (who also created all the Canadian Style music mixes — more on that later). Marc’s card is actually at the same scale…

  • Canadian Style Menu

    As promised, here’s a look at the Canadian Style menu I designed. As you can see, the food selection is maple-heavy, and quite tasty I might add. My faves? The meat pie brought me back home, and tastes pretty much like the kind my mom made. My favorite dessert had got to be the maple…

  • Animal Fun

    I’ve alluded a few times to the fact that Yuko has developed a bit of an obsession over DOUBUTSU NO MORI (ANIMAL CROSSING) and that I’ve pretty much lost access to my DS because of it — I won’t tell you how many hours she plays a day, but I think you can already figure…

  • Japanesque Modern

    From Kyodo News, under the title “Businesses, academia launch ‘Japanesque modern’ campaign”: Leading businesses including Matsushita Electric Industrial Co and Toyota Motor Corp as well as universities and designers launched a three-year campaign Saturday to heighten Japan’s brand image based on its traditional culture. A total of 48 companies, seven schools, 11 industrial groups and…

  • Densha Trooper

    From The ODK: Danny Choo rides the trains of Tokyo and Yokohama as the Densha Trooper. Previously he’s made trips to Akihabara and a Ramen Shop. Anyone spotted him yet?

  • PechaKucha Night Vol. 29

    If you were like me — I am Canadian Style‘s bitch, and she has no mercy — and couldn’t make it to last week’s PechaKucha Night (Vol. 29) at SuperDeluxe, PingMag has got you covered.

  • Architecture Photography at Olll

    Olll has updated with a few photography galleries of Omotesando/Aoyama buildings, including Herzog & De Meuron’s Prada store, Toyo Ito’s Tod’s store, SANAA’s Dior store, Fumihiko Maki’s Spiral, Kengo Kuma’s One Omotesando, and Future System’s Comme des Garcons store. Link via

  • Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

    Remember Robotech (the US adaptation of the Japanese MACROSS series)? Marxy does, and you can view a trailer for the new sequel series, THE SHADOW CHRONICLES, here. AICN has more info on this new follow-up series. Is it just me, or is there a Battlestar Galactica (the new series) vibe to the space battle scenes…