Art Events

Color Waves


Hiroaki Koshiba is presenting a new exhibition, “Color Waves,” at The Pink Cow this month (until April 30), and it will culminate in a closing party and live painting session on the last day, from 18:00 to 22:00 (the live painting will happen from 19:00 to 20:00).


A Swarm of Angels


I’ve been meaning to write something about A Swarm of Angels for a while now. In short, “A Swarm of Angels is a project to create a £1 million film and give it away to one million people in one year.” It’s the brainchild of Matt Hanson, the original founder of the onedotzero digital film festival, and quite the authority when it comes to the world of digital cinema. I paid up and “joined the swarm” a while back, and am quite looking forward to seeing this project develop over the year, and to participate as well.

Design Events

Devilrobots Exhibition 2006


Saw this at the Shift blog with no details other than the image. I imagine TAB will have more info later on in the month.

Design Gridskipper Stores

Last Week at Gridskipper


You can read all of my Gridskipper posts here (or even subscribe to a feed).

Fashion Magazines

OK Fred 7

cover7As I mentioned in last week’s “This Week in Magazines” post, the new issue of OK FRED (7) magazine is out — covering the world of fashion — and they’ve updated their site to reflect it, including ways to order the issue online. In it I contribute my regular “Sekai no Mise” column, as well as three record reviews (Taichi’s MORE OR ENOUGH, Kazumasa Hashimoto’s GLLIA, and Masakatsu Takagi’s AIR’S NOTE).


On Design for March (Online)

fs20060328a2aI forgot to add a link (free registration required after a week) last week to the online version of the March edition of my “On Design” column. As mentioned, it covers wooden furniture, including Shuichiro Koizumi’s Zumi Stool, Tadao Hoshino’s Aphrodite, Masayuki Kurokawa’s chair for the Nextmaruni collection, and a wagon set from Muji.


The Last Day


They say that today is pretty much your last chance to see the cherry blossoms, since a rain is probably going to take care of cleaning up the trees. Me, I’ve been trying to spend some time away from the computer (to everyone waiting for email replies, I’ll catch up tomorrow), taking it easy, doing tag-team sick sharing with Yuko. We did go out to the countryside on Wednesday — our annual pilgrimage to Koma, on the Seibu-Ikebukuro line — but unfortunately, the sakura weren’t out yet.

The image above is by Yuki, and you can see a larger version here.


Kazuaki Yamauchi

Go and a have a look at the beautiful and colorful illustrative work of Kazuaki Yamauchi.