Month: July 2006

  • We’re the BAD

    Check out this clip on YouTube of Kiiiiiii performing live, originally from a DVD compilation of various live band performances.

  • T-1 World Cup Finals

    PingMag reminds us that there are only 5 days left until the end of the T-1 World Cup t-shirt competition, so if you haven’t already, time to go and buy a tee, and at the same time support your favorite designer. The PingMag post gives you a quick look at all the tees, but the…

  • Cleaning Signage

    PingMag has a picture-heavy piece looking at the typography from dry cleaning shops in Tokyo.

  • Karly on NHK

    Patrick shares a few stills from the Karia Nomoto’s recent mini-live at the Shibuya Apple Store that aired on NHK’s POPJAM DX show.

  • Core77 Shows Love

    My latest “On Design” column for THE JAPAN TIMES got a post on Core77!

  • Protected Posts

    I was going over my list of feeds this morning, and was caught a bit by surprise when I saw that one of Yuki’s posts on her site was password protected. Nevermind the fact that I didn’t know you can do that on blogs (not that it’s all that surprising), but is this something…

  • Bit Generation

    Nintendo’s “Bit Generations” series of cool little games for the GBA is about to get released, and they’ve now launched an official site. Joystik explains how they’ll be sold: The website for Nintendo’s retro, budget bit Generations (née Digistylish) series has gone live, featuring mini-pages for each of the three games contained in the series…

  • Mammoth + Muji

    Starting yesterday at Atelier Muji — the exhibition space at Muji Yurakucho — MAMMOTH magazine is collaborating with Muji and providing special stamps to use with their stamp bags (which I moblogged a while back). It ends July 23.

  • Paper Sky Goes Bilingual!

    OK, it’s only for one issue, the next one (which should be out soon), with a cover feature on Akihabara, but it’s definitely some nice news, and who knows, maybe if we buy enough copies we can get them to include more bilingual content!

  • Short Film Market 2006

    This looks cool: Cinema Angelica and Moving Pictures Japan launch a joint project to support young talents and explore new possibilities focusing on short films. The first step on the way is a screening + market event introducing works by film directors associated with the project. The 16 movies shown here are of an immense…