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PauseTalk Vol. 19

Thank you everyone who made it to last night’s PauseTalk (Vol. 19) and who contributed to another great evening. Big thanks to Hiro, Anna, and Yuki for talking about their current exhibitions (see this post), and everyone else who chimed in. Max again volunteered to take some photos during the evening, which you’ll find in the Flickr PauseTalk photo pool. We started things off with another ramen meetup at the nearby Ippudo shop, only 5 this time, but it’s turning into an enjoyable casual aperitif before the rest of the night’s talk. As always, below is a list of participants. The next PauseTalk happens April 7, with a start time of 20:00 (and ramen meetup at 19:00 for those interested).

Andrew Lee (Art Director)
Anna Antoniades (Fashion Designer)
Chris Kirby (Industrial Designer)
Eri Kato (PR Manager)
Hiroaki Koshiba (Artist)
Hiroko Ueki (Fashion Retailer)
Jean Snow (Writer)
Joe Keenan (Graphic Designer)
Josh McKible (Illustrator)
Kristina Dryza (Strategic Insight)
Martin Holtkamp (Photographer)
Max Hodges (Publisher)
Noriko (Designer)
Philomena Keet (Writer)
Rob Judges (Artist)
Rennie Foster (DJ)
Shantell Martin (Illustrator)
Yuki Nakano (Photographer/Illustrator)