Month: July 2008

  • This Week at MoCo Loco

    My latest Tokyo post is up on MoCo Loco, covering Fumie Shibata‘s ZUTTO kitchen appliances for Zojirushi, news that Plus Minus Zero has launched an international site, and the dates for the Good Design Expo 2008.

  • Proposed New Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

    Dezeen posts a few images of what is being described as a proposed new flagship store for Louis Vuitton in Japan by Dutch architects UNStudio. It’s unclear whether this is an actual project that has been approved, and if so, where it would be located (best guesses: Omotesando or Ginza).

  • The End of Young Sunday

    After 21 years in print, publisher Shogakukan’s Young Sunday comics magazine is calling it quits. Anime News Network has details on what will happen to all of its manga titles — most of them are heading to Big Comic Spirits.

  • Fancy Gigolo Pelu

    Some good news for fans of the works of Junko Mizuno. Publisher Last Gasp and Patrick Macias’ jaPRESS are translating the Fancy Gigolo Pelu manga. It should be out in spring of next year.

  • Recently at MoCo Loco

    While I was out of town, I kept up with my weekly Tokyo posts over at MoCo Loco, but didn’t link to them. Here then is what you may have missed. First, I covered Plus Minus Zero’s Electric Kettle, Cina‘s 4GB USB flash drive, and Naoto Fukasawa’s Noto ballpoint pen. Second week: the Awagami +1…

  • On Design for July 2008

    I’m a bit late on this, but this month’s edition of my “On Design” appeared last week in The Japan Times, and can be read online here. In it, I covered Takumi‘s BeansQtap extension cord, John Di Cesare’s Parashell umbrellas, Kazuhiko Tomita’s Kabon tray, Nihon-Sweden‘s Envelope bags and cases, and the 100% Lamp/Lamp Table Base.

  • Curing Japan’s America Addiction

    I’m not quite sure how I missed this — let’s blame it on me being out of the country for the month — but Chin Music Press has a new release, in the form of Minoru Morita’s Curing Japan’s America Addiction. Mr. Morita argues that President Bush and former Prime MInister Junichiro Koizumi have all…

  • TAB Tokyo Collection 4

    It’s summer, it’s hot, and you need new t-shirts. Good thing Tokyo Art Beat has just launched its fourth Tokyo t-shirt collection then! They’re doing things a bit different this time out, releasing two new tees every two months. The first two designs, pictured above, are by Ko-Zou and Tada Reiko (Kiiiiiii), and can be…

  • Pneumatic Elevator

    Can’t say that I’m really in the market for a pneumatic elevator, but if I was, I’d want the one pictured above, distributed in Japan by NuVa. Photo via Max — here’s a link to a few more. Update (16/11/26): The photo is no longer available.

  • Back in TYO

    Just a quick note to say I just got back to Tokyo, and so you can expect regular transmissions on this site to pick up again. Pictured above, me enjoying some great local ale at a pub back in Canada (and contemplating what to drink next). Thanks for the photo, Bones!