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SNOW Magazine Cafe Update

I announced the SNOW Magazine Cafe event a couple of days ago, and already I’ve been getting some great feedback — lots of people who wish they could actually come to Tokyo to attend — and also lots of contributions. I think we have the makings of something special, and I’m already excited about coming up with some new elements to add to the month-long celebration.

Also, I’ve set up a more permanent area for the event, so please feel free to share that link instead of the post on SNOW Magazine. I’ll also be using that space for future updates, both before the start of the event, and during. Notice that “2010” in the title at the top of the page? Sure, why not make this into an annual event. And I’m certain that whatever I learn from putting together this year’s edition will contribute to making an even better event next year.

And again, if you are a publisher of (or work on) an art, design, or culture magazine and would like to participate, it’s as easy as sending me your latest issue. Zines are also welcome — I do love those too — and Ian Lynam is already going to help me put together a nice selection for the event.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.