Codex 14

I know I recorded episode 13 just a couple of days ago, but I was suddenly in the mood to record a new episode of the Codex, and so here we are. It follows a theme I first visited last year, where I play tracks taken from albums that start with a particular latter — last time it was “A,” this time it’s “B.”

You can download the episode below, and find the playlist, or subscribe to an RSS feed to as not to miss any future episode — the show is in the iTunes Store too.

Codex 14 (35.3MB)

1. Unrest – “Winona Ryder (XY Version)”
2. Digiki – “Wikifi”
3. TTC – “Dans le club”
4. Sebadoh – “Drama Mine”
5. Pavement – “Embassy Row”
6. Kan Takahiko – “Blow”
7. Comesta Yaegashi – “Sanpo – Marunouchi no Nichiyoubi”
8. Marxy – “Intro To”
9. Mice Parade – “Ground as Cold as Common”
10. Pixies – “Is She Weird”