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Nintendo x Uniqlo UT

Uniqlo has revealed its terrific lineup of 25 Nintendo-themed tees — going on sale May 19 — and I’m pretty frustrated because there’s so many I’d like to get, but I don’t yet know how I’ll get my hands on them.

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The Science of LifeWear

I got to this Uniqlo CM from that article I just mentioned, and like it for the Tokyo settings you see in the background — even though it is kinda weird that all the featured models are non-Japanese.

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Uniqlo in America

Great piece on Racked about the state of Uniqlo in the US, what it’s accomplished so far, the struggles, and what comes next — will they stay or will they go?

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The New 52

No, I’m not referring to the “New 52” revamp that DC Comics launched in 2011, but rather to the fact that as we close off the month of August (it’s just past 23:00 as I write this), I’ve written 52 posts on the blog this month (this will be post 53).

The last time the site had over 50 posts in a month was in December 2009 (89), and that was truly when my activity started reducing drastically, as it then hovered around 10-20 until the summer of 2012, and then down to barely 1-2 per month in the years that followed until now. You can easily see this by looking at the monthly archive list in the sidebar of the site, which I have active right now.

The desire to start blogging again was sparked when I started work on rescuing the archives of the site earlier this month. After the initial repopulation of posts (the text at least), it’s been a long process of going through each post, trying to find the original images, either through the Wayback Machine, or through some image archives I found on my laptop. I’m up to March 2005, and counting.

Seeing what I was doing and how much fun I was having (and how I gradually went from amateur blogger to published writer) has been a blast, and it put me in the mood to try and do it again for a bit. I’m especially surprised that I got to 50, considering I started doing it in the middle of the month, with this post. As I wrote at the time, I’m still considering it nostalgia blogging, and I’m still having a lot of fun doing it.

So for the first time in about 6-7 years, the blog is active again, and that makes me happy.

FROM_TOKYO_TO_NEW_YORKI noticed that back in the day I used to finish long update posts with a note on what I was listening while I wrote it. I’ve been in a retro groove of late, and am currently listening to a compilation produced by Fantastic Plastic Machine for Uniqlo in 2005 called Synchro: From Tokyo to New York.

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Portraits from PauseTalk Vol. 36

I’ll have the list of participants from last night’s PauseTalk (Vol. 36) up later today or tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to share the latest round of portraits taken by Max Hodges, which are all viewable in this gallery. As with last time, I’m really loving these, and I’m hoping that Max keeps doing them, and then maybe culminate in some sort of exhibition to celebrate the fourth anniversary of PauseTalk next year. Max is also talking about compiling PDF books of the shots, which I think is a great idea.

And in case you’re wondering, the t-shirt I’m wearing is Gelman‘s “Sorry I’m Late!” tee he did for Uniqlo a couple of years back.

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Feeling Good About Uniqlo

Marxy explains the success of Uniqlo over at The Business of Fashion blog. My favorite bit from the piece:

In fact, perhaps the brand’s most powerful asset is its neutrality. Wearing Uniqlo carries no meaning of its own. It’s as close as apparel has ever come to interchangeable LEGO blocks.

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Uniqlo Tunes

Uniqlo has yet another web widget for you to put on your blog, this time Uniqlo Tunes, a music player to promote the retailer’s HEAT TECH line — it can also play your own MP3 files. Via CScout Japan.