It’s Our Thing Webstore

This post is going to be about something good, something better, and then the best. First with the good. Everyone’s favorite Tokyo-based Swedish graphic designer Micke Thorsby (PMKFA) — well, mine at least — has recently launched a new collection of his “It’s Our Thing” brand of tees and sweatshirts. The new line introduces a […]

Rob Judges Exhibition

Just got back from the opening for Tokyo-based Canadian artist Rob Judges terrific new show at Gallery Kabutoya in Ginza. I very much enjoyed Rob’s modern take on totem poles of old, augmented with a healthy dose of comics-influenced superhero visuals and beyond. The show runs until May 10, and I recommend you check it […]

Disco Bald

Koara has a special offer for you: We are a small wholesaler who mainly offer electro, collage, techno and dirty vibrations and so on.Our official web is We offer you the best music and dirty vibrations at 0Â¥. This offer is only available on Thursday, 30th of April, 2009 from 21:00 until 29:00! The […]

The Tonkatsu Tapes

During his recent visit to Tokyo, Patrick Macias sat down with Marxy at a discount tonkatsu shop, and they then proceeded to record for Neojaponisme a talk on, among other things, the state of the Japanese recession and current yankii culture. I give you, The Tonkatsu Tapes.

Radio OK Fred 13

How’s this for a quick follow-up! After last week’s great episode of Radio OK Fred with Alex of Chicks on Speed, we’re already back with a new episode (13). We call it the “lost” episode, because we basically re-did what was to have been the first show in the current run, but that we had […]

Little Pink Closing

The “Little Pink” exhibition at Cafe Pause ends today (Sunday, April 26), and we’ll have an informal gathering tonight from 19:00 until 22:00, before we do the takedown. Shantell leaves Tokyo for NYC on the very next day, so it’s a final chance to say goodbye and wish her well on the next leg of […]